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I feel like giving up

I'm tired. I already have enough of people telling me that crying and being sad doesn't really solve anything. I want to tell my family that I'm depressed but I'm afraid that they will only say that it's my fault for not being able to control my own stress and it probably just me overthinking things. I want to tell them that I have anxiety but I know that they will only just treat as a joke. I'm tired enough for hoping a miracle might really happen. I'm too tired to wait for someone who understand my pain instead of saying things like you can go trough this when they know nothing about it. I don't know what else can i do instead of pretending that I'm okay. I'm tired of life. Tell me what can I do? I'm tired of people who think that we are not depressed enough just because we don't have visible bruises.I hate all these things in my head. Why are they only in there? How can people know that I'm in pain when I'm the only one who can feel it? I feel like giving up but I'm afraid of all sort of things. So, tell me what else can I do????