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I feel like I am soulmates with someone I haven't seen in 3 years

When I was 16 I met this guy who was 20 that was working for my parents. He was staying with us for a week so I would see him everyday. When he was done working he would ask me if I wanted to go out to dinner or go drive and watch the stars with him at the beach. We would do this every night together. He was such a cool and unique person and I have never met anyone like him. I felt instantly connected to him on such a deep level I had never felt. Although LOOKS DON'T MATTER it was a plus that he was an insanely attractive male model. It was insane how much time we spent together on the trip and I still remember how amazing it was today. We never kissed or anything because I think he was hesitant about my age and that he was staying with my family. I still remember how close I felt to him even without physical touch I will never forget him or the feelings I had. I haven't seen him since and it has been 3 years. I have no idea where he is because he deleted all social media a while ago and has been traveling most of the time. I know if we reunite in the future we could actually be something now. I will believe in fate if we meet again.