I feel like I can't be happy

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So I feel like I'm almost not allowed to be happy or something. Every time I try to say something people keep cutting me off with their problems. Especially this one friend. I was really depressed one night and he noticed so he had me go to dms and talk about it because he wanted to help. The reason I was sad was because I didn't know how to deal with the feelings of having a crush bc it happened to rapidly. He begged me to tell him what was wrong so I told him all about it and then he proceeded to make it about himself and how he has a crush on me and that he's "okay". It's been a few weeks and he hasn't dropped it. I feel like I can't talk about it openly in the group chat anymore because he's gonna be sad. My best best friend is also hinting they like me bc they indirectly confessed after I told them about what was going on bc it was stressing me out and I trust them the most. Their status said "I wish that was me" and stuff like that. I feel like if my crush does like me back and we start dating that I just won't hear the end of it. I'll hurt too many people. I know I shouldn't care, but these people are my best friends. It's not like I need a boyfriend at this age either. But ik having a crush is normal so it's okay. I just want to be able to talk about it openly with my friends but ig not. Ah yes, middle school drama at it's finest. We love it. Anyways, thanks for listening <3