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i feel like i shouldnt have done this...

I just turned 16 recently and on my 16th birthday i was alone with my 17 year old brother, my parents were out of the house, and i was just sitting on the couch in my living room when my brother came in and sat next to me. at first everything was normal but then he slid his hand up my skirt and started touching me playfully, i thought he was just joking around so i didnt see anything wrong with it but after a while we had sex on the coffee table. i enjoyed it but i feel sooo guilty. i really dont want my parents to find out, but my brother said he we should do this more often, what should i do?

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Re: i feel like i shouldnt have done this...

Don’t listen to you’re brother. Sure it may have felt good for both of you, but you shouldn’t let him pressure you into doing something like this again if it makes you feel so guilty. And for another thing, the way you describe it makes it sound like it was unprotected. If it was unprotected it could have gone so much worse for you both, if you guys do end up doing it again at least we’re protection, it would be real suspect to your parents if both of their kids got the same STD at nearly the exact same time.