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I feel like I'm dying...

Two months ago, my suffering began, my grandpa died by Covid-19.

My mom and I decided to stay with my grandparents because we wanted to take care of them, and we went to their home to stay up, then my aunt (she is a nurse) came to visit, and they get sick of course. My other aunt saw everything and never did anything, when my mother wanted to look for a doctor she objected and forbade it. Of course, he threatened in many ways along with my other aunts (the nurse included, who was the one who infected him), the only thing he received was bad medication from a medical intern who did everything wrong, worst of all, my aunts started treating my mother like a criminal, both she and I were viewed with disgust, never expect any of that with any of them.

This is a time to come together as a family, I hope your families get stronger and not break like mine.