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I feel like I'm not completely me

i was writing something but the tab reloaded so its gone so i just did a little searching and i think its called depersonalization.though im not sure

like,sometimes i feel like im not me and sometimes im feel like im not completely there

looking at old pictures thinking if that's even me.

i was a loud and talkative child

now im not

i dont know what happened,i dont know how it transitioned

sometimes i feel like im in my head,in a room and i shake my head to go back

confused and blurred

unable to think when im not alone

old memories play in third person

the person in the mirror is me but at the same time not

moods and emotions control my thoughts and those thoughts are buried deep down until i feel the same emotion that made them

apologies for the rambling it's my first time writing here

and i just hope someone could explain any of this to me because it just makes me confused