I feel like no one actually cares about my feelings

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I often bottle up my feelings because it feels as though no one actually cares to listen. I don't mean therapists and the like, it's their job. They're paid to listen to you, you don't know if they actually care or not. No...I mean my family and friends. There are times when my depression creeps up on me and I just feel like I am worthless, unlovable, ugly, and alone, and I try to express how much it hurts, only for said family member to say a simple, "I'm sorry" over and over and over again.

There are also times when I wish they would give me advice on how to feel better, but they don't know how to and so refuse to try.

My friends don't help either, they often let me mention my feelings and then jump in and say they are having an even worse time, never letting me actually talk to them about myself in favor of their problems.

I wish I had someone who would listen...someone who would care about me...