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i feel lost

i feel so fucking lost , god damn it i just want to talk about it with someone but i can't my parents would just worry and lecture me and i'm afraid that my friends will judge me . i just want to die and end this suffering idk why i can never be happy even if everything is perfect i ruin it i just don't feel like i deserve anything good to come to my life i have also lost hope in humanity people disappoint me so much every single time someone comes to my life and i let them in they ruin me hurt me betray me i have lost the joy of meeting new people falling in love making new friends this world just sucks it's filled with all these horrible people liars that will step on you if it benefits them sometimes i feel like if i feel so lonely all the god damn time maybe i would be better to live alone in some isolated island or to not exist at all

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Re: i feel lost

Yeah that's clearly right no one gives a thing about you in this world. Or may be you just don't need them to be. Be the one that doesn't need anyone else to guide Well in this case me of course don't care about what others gonna care about you. Always deal with what you like and never ever impose other constraints to it. If you like something just do it. You can always find someone who understands about you may be I even can't understand you well there's no reason to feel lost its very okAY To be different.

Hi dear, if you need someone to talk to, Just remember I'm here, you can always talk to me, I know it's fucking annoying when no one wants to listen to you, it's like they don't give a fucking asshole about what ur talking about, damn is that fucking annoying, but dont' worry dear, it will be fine, very soon, if ur not a Christian/u don't believe in God I think u need to start believing in Him, through Christ everythng is possible baby, so please don't worry, pray hard, do the things u fucking love! And don't focus on negative opinions of others, and remember U R FUCKING ADORABLE, I am going to start signing my posts with "@Twix" And u can use my name as ur Content title if u need any help, luv u bby!