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I feel shitty!

I just want to be free.. free of all the frustration m carrying! Its not like i want to die or anything but this pressure of architecture is killing me I am hardly enjoying what I am doing.. I always wanted to study journalism and here I am. With all this shitty mess around me! I feel like quiting but then I can't! The world around me never talks its like nobody really cares and obviously why would anybody even want to care!

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Re: I feel shitty!

I know how it's like..

As a result of many events in my life I had to choose something that along 2 years I realized that it's not for me but I have to do it because I cant back down now..

Its really shitty and stressful to me now

But no one would understand what it's like unless they're in the same situation

I hope it's different for you, I won't tell you if you don't like it then drop it I don't think it's a good idea idk I'm not the person to give my judgement

I hope it gets better though :)