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i feel so alone

i feel so alone and i feel like no ones here for me. me and my boyfriend just broke up not even 2 weeks ago and hes already moved on to another girl. my bestfriend seems to have found a new bestfriend and it just hurts because she was my ride or die. i thought my boyfriend truly loved me and he used to make me feel so happy all of the time and now i have no one. no body knows how i truly feel except for my teacher because i told her this morning but i just really need someone to talk to. i just really wish that he wouldnt of even asked me out if he was just gonna hurt me like this.

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Re: i feel so alone

Life is full of pain. Often emotional lingers much longer than physical. My oldest son had a long time love. He spent all his money on her. He was going to marry her. Right before Jr prom a rich athlete asked her to prom. She dropped him & said he’s normal (my son is autistic); I want to date a normal boy. My son came home so upset. I picked him up & held him in my arms as he cried. We all must endure pain; betrayal, & loss.

He asked why it seemed to happen to him more than others. I said the kinder we are the more people dump on us. But I’d rather live my live trying to love, than be bitter & go around hurting others.

This will pass. One day you’ll be with someone else & glad this failed.