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i feel so alone

I feel noting. I'm numb almost all the time and i've relied on self harm to feel something these days. I don't want to have to rely o this kinda thing to feel something.

No one asks me if i'm okay anymore and it makes me feel like i'm unwanted and even more alone than i've ever been. All i want is for someone to reach out and ask me if i'm okay. It would mean the world to me and i feel as if i would breakdown from just hearing those words. Its been 3 years since anyone's ever truly cared about my feelings or mental health due to the fact that i'm just the funny friend that's always happy and never sad. I'm always there for everyone else but no ones ever there for me.

I get called a faggot everyday because i'm a bisexual, trans male living in a homophobic town. My parents say they accept be but i can see the disappointment in their eyes. I'm not even out as trans but i always have the feeling that when i do i'm going to be kicked out at the age of 15. I would be surprised if they didn't kick me out honestly.

All f this makes my lay in bed at night wondering why ill never be enough for anyone.

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Re: i love you

hello stranger here <3... you are important to me. i love you. you’re so strong. don’t give up. i care about you. you’re not alone. you are enough. you belong here. don’t forget that please. stay safe. keep fighting. you have so much to live for. you have a whole life ahead of you. there’s so many amazing you can do. believe in yourself. i believe in you. you’re important. you’re worth it.

I'm not personally bisexual, or trans in anyway as you are, but I accept you for who you are. I know it's hard right now, and it doesn't look like things will get better anytime soon, but even if it takes awhile, there are so many things worth living through this for. I know with you being 15 and all, you can't control much, but one day you'll be able to leave that place and be who you truly want to be. Just think, if you hold on, if you keep telling yourself just one more day, they'll add up, and soon you'll find yourself cuddling on a couch, watching a movie with a partner that loves you for who you are, and whom you have yet to meet.

I'm no expert on how your parents feel, but I think they are trying their hardest to accept you, and they might just need more time, but the fact that they're still trying, makes me think they still care about, and love you.

I accept who you are, and care about you. I can't say I love you, because to be frank, I've never met you. But someone out there, they will love you, and everything you stand for. They're your other half, and I think they'd prefer if you stuck around to meet them.