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I feel so alone

I feel so alone all the time but it’s my fault. I pushed everyone away from me to the point where I had no one to talk to anymore. The only reason I pushed them away is because when I finally get enough courage to kill myself they wouldn’t hold me back. I want the people around me not to get close to me so they can be used to a world without me. I don’t want to hurt people. I want all of this pain to stop already. I wish I wasn’t so scared to die and just kill my self already.

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Re: I feel so alone

I don’t really know what you’re going through but all i can say is dying is not a solution for everything. You could stay and fight for yourself and your feelings instead and be an inspiration to others who’re going through the same thing. I’m sure there might a lot of people who are willing to help you and see you happy. Please seek their help and be a fighter. i wish this message makes some difference in your life. All the best with your life. :)