I feel so cold...

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I'm in a long distance relationship and sometimes my girlfriend asks if she can have sex with other people. Initially I told her I didn't want to, then I thought well it keeps coming up and this is what she wants might as well let her do it. I hate that we can't be together it hurts my soul daily, I try to tell her that but at times I feel like she doesn't understand me. Eventually she stopped asking and now has resorted to minor comments of how she's respecting my wishes and she would have been knocking boots but only because I asked her not to. This comes up a lot, now I feel guilty because I had hoped she'd want to wait for me, as I'm waiting for her. I'm in a position to have any woman I want but I just want her. She makes it hard for me to believe she feels the same way.......am I controlling her, am I wrong or should we just go our separate ways give that we're already apart.

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