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i feel so tired....

i have this friend , she is really competative and its gets reallly tiring when i respond to each of her messeges and become her therapist evrytime she goes through something hard , but whenever i start talking about my life , i either dont get a response or a ok or a oh .

you know that feeling you get when someone lies , your instinct? or you hear something and know that it sounds too good to be true?

she always says these incidents that happened with her that sound like theyre straight out of a drama , and she hasnt once shown us a pic of a guy who she says she is dating..and its been 2 years since she started talking about him about the time when we were starting to get close, it gets really tiring when you are forced to be intrested in someone and the other dosent even care about what you just texted and ignores it

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Re: i feel so tired....

Hey, just know that I feel you. I'm going through the same thing right now, but you can do this. You can talk to her about this. If she responds in the way you don't want to, leave her. It's not worth spending your time on someone that won't even understand you, nor reply back. I've also questioned myself about this, "Why we're we even friends if you can't listen to me properly?", "Why are we even friends if you can't text me back?". It made me realize that we really just don't connect emotionally, and that I should try to get new friends that would listen, understand, and text me back properly. I even got chosen over. She defended a random person she's met for 5 months, over me, a person she's personally known for 2 years. I felt betrayed. But I soon knew that, I needed to leave her. So please, I care about you, even if you're a stranger to me. Don't waste your time on a person that won't understand you.