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I feel unloved and am lost

I am a 13 year old that feels unloved and unsupported by my mother. Before I was born my father died and my mom took care of me and we were living in my grandmothers house. I have a religious family that always pushed the ideology of Islam into my brain. My entire life I always believed in a higher power and Islam because it always made sense to me, but I was taught by a very dear friend that I need to question everything and get to the truth behind everything, he is also the friend that suggested I write my problems online to vent to people. So in the 8th grade I learned about a scholar named Charles Darwin who proposed the idea of Natural Selection. I think I should mention the main reason I believed in a higher power was because I believed that it is impossible for such a sophisticated and complex world could be made without coordination and also because I always coped through hardship by refusing to believe he does not exist, but with the idea of natural selection; it proposes that Earth was just very lucky to have water due to the asteroid that crashed into it and that everything alive today had to adapt to the world and many more had failed to do so instead of the religious idea that the world was made for humans. So it is because of this that I began to doubt God and it also seems really suspicious to me that prophet Muhammad went into an isolated cave where no one could see him and then popped out with the Quran in his brain. Please do not bash me with the details of prophet Muhammads story because all of it is entirely possible to just be his personal experience, with this knowledge I began doubting what I believed my entire life and it seems like my mom is not happy with me but refuses to provide an explanation for all of the evidence I provided her with. Her only response was to go read the Quran which is a really long book that would not be able to answer my question directly and had been translated from old Arabic to modern Arabic to English or old English (unless you know old Arabic). My mom is angry with me and my step dad is delusional to be honest. I feel lost and unloved. Does anyone have any advice for me or definite proof of God?

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Re: I feel unloved and am lost

Hi, I see your problem and I just wanted to say that no matter what you believe right now, it is always good to keep your relationship with your mother if she's not doing anything that hurts you. In life, you are probably in a stage were the questioning begins and you are also probably questioning the love which your mother showed you, with a perspective of belief. My recommendation is always show that you have respect to their religion and if I'm not wrong it is okay to question even if you're a Muslim, so tell them it is a normal thing and I'm saying you should believe that it is so normal. You're 13, you're young and you have a long way to go, to explore; there is no need to rush, respect others and find your passion. Love ya

Hello, my name is Khaled, and I am a Muslim brother. I appreciate your feeling that you want to get answers to your questions and I advise you to start writing all the questions that revolve in your mind, no matter how small they are. Try not to leave any question about religion, no matter how small, and then search for answers to these questions on the Internet. There is a sheikh His name is Zakir Naik who speaks English as a Muslim on the hand of many people from all over the world, my brother, if the person is a Muslim, this does not mean that he can answer all your questions. You need to ask the preacher and the preacher is the one who calls people to Islam, as he answers all your doubts and this is your right to try Getting answers because if you get answers to your questions, you will become a Muslim and you are reassured and rested and sure that God exists and there is also another Sheikh named Ahmed Deedat. This is one of the famous sheikhs who call for Islam. I hope you have benefited. Understand it well, ask questions and look for answers to them, because if you study the Qur’an and read it, it will be easy. You must strive to reach the truth. If there is a mosque near you, go and ask the Imam about everything on your mind, God willing You remove all doubts that revolve in your mind Have a nice day(: