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I feel unsatisfied...

My boyfriend(20m) and i(19m)have been together for a few months and were close friends before dating

Recently he put hard work into it job so he can make enough money to move out from his homophobic family (he is pansexual) but because of that he has been spending a lot of time away from me and even though I understand why i feel like my needs are barely being met...

We don’t have the opportunity to be sexual often because of his nosy family and we live a few states apart  so its hard to be with each other often.

I feel like my sexual and romantic needs are barely being met but i feel selfish asking for more special time when i know his is very limited as is

Sometimes its painful to wait for him to just message me sometimes and it makes me depressed 

I feel lost at the moment...unsure if i should continue fighting for love or just drown in this sea of self doubt? How will i know when my fight is won?