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I Feel Weak

I feel like I eat too much. I’m conscious of everything that I eat. I want to eat less but at the same time I have this “Ah fuck it you’re not gaining weight so why not just eat how ever much you like?” feeling. I’m a healthy weight and my height is pretty tall. However, I still feel so shitty about myself. I feel weak and useless. I’m in a few sports team and I feel like I’m always the weakest and the worst player on the team which is probably true. Other new players join the team and they’re already 100 times better than I’ve ever been. My arms are weak, my thighs are fricking big and ugly, and my face is the worst. I want to eat healthy and workout but I don’t want my family to know that I’m working out for some reason. It’s not that I’m embarrassed but I feel like I’ll make them feel bad about themselves since I’m the thinnest in my family. I just don’t know. That’s it.

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Re: I Feel Weak

If you do sports couldn't you just tell a white lie to your family and say your coach has told you to work out and eat a healthy diet?

And if you're a healthy weight you should try not to worry about eating less. You would be better focusing on the quality of the food you eat rather than the amounts, particularly quality proteins from meat and fish and your appetite will regulate itself.