i fell in love with someone from my dream

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it says that theres 99.99% percent u wont meet the person u dreamt abt. that person could be someone u glanced at for a second or a combination of faces u see. i was at church for some reason and i was finding a seat, i saw guys who were fooling around so i scolded them. i looked around while i was walking and murmuring sht abt ppl who were sitting on the benches. i saw this one girl with a red puffy off shoulder with floral de sign. she looked beautiful. she teasingly said "ang ingay mo ah" which means ur'e loud and smiled at me. we talked for awhile flirting with each other, smiling idk why but at that moment i was the happiest. it changed scenes. i was chatting with my friends on our group chat and i told them abt this girl i saw and how i never got to know her name. theres this one person who has a pink silk dress for her profile and she said "oh really" i had a strong feeling that it was her so i went on her page and there was nothing on it but i still added her. i chilled for a bit and checked my messages, all of them were from her. she spammed me with messages. "hi" "ms grumpy added me huh?" "why r u taking so long to reply". back then when i couldnt accept myself and my sexuality i get these dreams that girls were attracted to me and i was scared and uncomfortable for some reason but this girl never made me feel that way. ive created the perfect girl that will never come to life :))

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