I fell in love...did he?

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I've never put all of this down into words so bare with me. I met this guy about 2, almost 3 years ago. I did not immediately think anything of him, he was the new drummer at my church. We introduced ourselves and found some commonalities but that was it. I found out a couple months later that he was going through hell because he new born child's mother had left him. He was hurting. I talked him through. We texted constantly all day every day. We discovered a lot about each other. As the months pass, I started to feel things for him. I fought them like hell because at the time, I was also trying to love me and on a serious weight loss journey. He encouraged me so much on my down days just as much as I did on his. Somewhere along the line, his communication slowed up as we were getting really close. He's never initiated dating. He continues to talk to me but I feel like he's so scared. He doesn't react to or comment on any of my social media posts or matter what the topic of the content is. He calls me pretty lady and knows I'm a good woman. He talks about his vulnerabilities to me...his hurt and pain. I've cooked full meals for him to take home for the week. I have fallen completely in love with him and I can't get him off my mind 🤦🏾‍♀️. I just can't read what he's doing on the other end and I want to wait but don't want to wait in vain. I feel like he's so scared of getting hurt again but I have proven time and time again how solid I am. I'm getting tired and my heart hurts sometimes What do you think?

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