I finally came out to my mom

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I first told my middle sister what was the reason i'm cutting my hair tomorrow like a boy's, i told her that i want to be seen as a boy by everyone and that's all i wanted to happen. She motivated me to tell my mom through chat, so i decided to chat our mom anyway.

First i told my mom that i want to be seen as a boy by everyone, that i want to be who i want since i was a kid. First i was so scared by her reaction, well guess what :)

She accepted me, she told me that it's okay and whatever makes me happy. I fucking cried so hard and still crying, it pains me beautifully. So now i put my pronouns as he/him now, i'm still now open about it because i'm scared on what people might say. But i promised to myself that once i finally cut my hair tomorrow, i know that i'd be so proud of it.

I haven't come out to my dad yet.... But i think that i should just maybe keep it until i can finally live on my own. 💕

To anyone that's still closeted, love yourself honey, don't worry about anything. Once you know that you finally can come out you should. Don't let anyone out you because you're the only one that should decide where, when, and who you're gonna come out to. I love you, and you're always loved💕

- atticus

Ps. my name isn't actually atticus, it's just my boy name :)