I finally understand

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I am fourteen in two months and this year, the year I am thirteen, I really started to see the way men treat women. And it’s not okay. I am a girl and at school, I realized the boys always make borderline mean jokes. Or act like they are better because of their gender. And it’s not okay. It makes me so mad. And I want to change it so badly. I want a world of equity and equality. Men and women are equal. It shouldn’t matter my gender. I should not be shamed on because I was born a female. I should not be made fun of because I am a female. Males should not think they are superior to me because they are male and I am female.

When I’m older, I want to be an inspiration to other young girls. I want to be a strong woman who makes other females feel empowered. I want to help create a world where women are admired just as much as men. Where we are completely equal. Because it’s not fair.

So that’s what I’ll do. I will become a role model, a feminist. I want to inspire and empower other women. I want to feel equal to men.

One day, I am going to wake up and know there are absolutely no stereotypes about women and men and no wall between us either. One day, I will wake up knowing that this message from years ago on this random website became a reality.