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I flashed some manual laborers in Delhi

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I've always liked attracting the boys in my college and would often turn them down at my whim. I don't remember when this habit started but throughout the years, I became quite good at seducing men. Also, this is me bragging but, my looks and figure help a lot. I dress skimpily most of the time to get as many stares as possible and I love it. But, over time, I was beginning to get bored of it.

One day, I was walking from college to a bus stand and I was wearing a mini skirt which showed my long and slender thighs. Because the lockdown had just ended recently, the whole street was empty, except for a few manual laborers who were busy fixing the sidewalk.

In India, the construction work is most often assigned to unemployed men who traveled from slums or villages to get jobs. Sometimes, even the women in their families would join in on the work. I do feel bad that they have to work in such scorching heat but their catcalls and whistles toward women were very annoying.

As I was walking along the sidewalk, they started to notice me and my naked legs. This wasn't the kind of attention I was looking for. The bus stand was on the other side of the road and so I increased my pace.

To my dismay, all of a sudden, a strong gust of wind blew my skirt up and revealed my panties to them. They saw this as a chance to start hooting and whistling at me while making comments about my panties and telling me to "come over here".

Embarrassed, I held my skirt down and quickly crossed the road, and sat down in the bus stand. They had stopped working and were still looking at me. I kept my legs tightly together because I was facing them directly.

Suddenly, a naughty idea occurred to me. I noticed that my bus was waiting at the red light a few blocks away and would be here in a few moments. I grabbed my panties from under the skirt and slowly slid them down my thighs all the while staring at them. They slowly stood up, eyes fixed on me. I place the panties on the seat beside me.

As soon as the bus started to move, I opened my legs, showing my shaved pussy to them. They dropped their tools and started crossing the road but the bus arrived before them. I closed my legs and climbed the bus. It seems the conductor saw what I was doing as evident from his wide-eyed stare. I quickly sat on a seat with the window facing the bus stand and looked outside. They were standing there, one of them holding my panties and bringing them to his nose as the bus started. My hand slowly moved to my bare pussy as they disappeared in the distance.