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I fucked my cousin raw

Me and my cousin used to hump and touch eachother private parts when we were small kids. We always stayed at our grandma house after school until our parents got off work. When i was 13 i sucked his dick for the first time in my aunt's car while driving out of town. We started hanging out again when we got to high school. A guy that i fucked around with was good friends with him and bragged about good my pussy is. When we got to college we partied together and he saw me drunk and naked plenty of times and even sat in the room while i fucked my boyfriend. He moved away for like 8 years then moved back near me. Now we are grown adults. I decided to get a hotel room so we could smoke and drink and chill. By this time i was having fantasies of me fucking him. I used to hear him fucking his girlfriend so it made me wet as hell. So when i got the room i got drunk in a dress and fell asleep with my pussy showing for him to see. After that night i started wearing seethru clothes around him and short dressed that showed my pussy and titties. One day he came by to play the ps4 and his dick was hard and swinging in his basketball shorts and i got so horny. So one night we were drinking and smoking and i finally told him i always wanted to fuck him once. He was surprised as hell and said he has thought about it too. He said the night he saw me sleep with my pussy out his dick got hard and he wanted to fuck me right then but it felt wrong because we were cousins. So we went in the house and we fucked! Omg his dick is huge and his head is even better! Best dick i ever had was from my cousin! And he would fill my pussy up and his dick would still be hard. He ended up moving back away but i miss his dick and head so much omg. We video recorded it and i watch them and play with my pussy all the time.

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Re: I fucked my cousin raw

man i thought it was jsut me, its the exact same with me, except im the guy this time and my cousin i fucked was a girl


her tits were nice, but she never let me cum inside of course