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I genuinely need advice

I have a super tight cousin of mine who subtly hints about her severe struggle with depression. She is currently with a therapist but it seems like her mental health is worsening. Although she is very close to me, we don’t really talk that often because she lives far and I only see her a large family gatherings. My problem is that i know I’m not someone she wd want to confide in but I still want her to get the help she needs and I don’t know what else to doo. She is always the funny one and never really talks about her feelings to any of my cousins but did once (a while ago) joke about her suicidal tendencies. Recently she’s been giving away all her little things she owned to all my other cousins. And any time I complemented something she immediately offered it to me saying I can have it. This type of behaviour is not necessary normal for her. N now it’s starting to eat me up inside and I don’t know if this is a red flag or im just over thinking it. My question is what should I do to help her. N if I do reach out to her WHAT DO I EVEN SAY???!

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Re: I genuinely need advice

This is a major red flag. If you think that her parents would take what you are saying seriously and they aren't toxic, I'd talk to them. Bring up these concerns. If not, reach out to your cousin. Be blunt. Open with something like, "hey I'm worried for you. Is everything honestly ok with you? If you don't want to talk me about it that's fine, but find someone to talk to." Reach out while you still can and don't shame her for this. Be understanding. If she says something is up, check in with her frequently and she if she is doing better and getting help. You can tell the parents if she seems to get worse or tells you her suicide plans.You are a good person.