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I get jealous­čśĺ

So, I was dating a guy who I thought was mature and understanding.But it turned out that he wasn't. He turned out to be an Asshole. Who just want to sleep with me. I stopped talking to him from past 2 months.

We follow each other on social media. We have a lot of common friends in social media.

Since he stopped liking my pictures from past 2 months.

When I see he liked picture of some other girls better then me I feel jealous and I feel bad (low) somehow.And worse thing happening is I Overthink after that i couldn't sleep, work do anything productive.

Please someone tell me what to do? I can't block him from my social media because that will create a lot of drama.

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Re: I get jealous­čśĺ

Hi jealousy can hurt, but have you tried talking to him after he harrassed you, maybe you can sort things out? And girl! If u wanna block him go ahead don't think about what will happen, just do what ur heart tells you to do, you don't need to get hurt, that's not acceptable, hope this helps

Stay Happy


Well I can say we get jealous when a a part of us still want to be with the person we broke up with I think the best thing to do is to avoid contact with him, that way he doesn't know what's going on with you, atimes he may do some of those things to get at you.

I don't know what dramas you are afraid of you should block him if possible unfriend him and delete him from all your accounts the next you feel the urge to check his profile or your messages you won't find them and gradually memories about him will fade away. So till you find a better person that you deserve, stay happy.