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I got an abortion at 17, and I never told my parents. I'm 21 now.

I got an abortion in secret, months after I graduated high school.

I was 17 at the time, and it was our anniversary. Things lead to one another, and I asked him if he had a condom. He told me no but that it was okay and that he will pull out.

A week later I found out that I was pregnant.

While all this was happening, I learned that he was seeing his ex-girlfriend behind my back but I never called him out on it. I was too stressed to even bring it up because I had to focus on how much it would cost to even get one. The grand total came up to around $800, and none of us had a job. I had to ask my friends if they can pitch in, and I even had to lie to my parents to have money to "go out". I gathered about $200. On his end, he managed to gather hundreds and hundreds of dollars from his friends and also from selling his video games.

I learned that the clinic can help me out because I wasn't 18 yet if I can talk to a case manager. Thankfully they accepted my case, but I was left with all of this money. I told him that it was going to be $0 and his expression on his face turned pale.

A week later after my abortion, he stopped talking to me... and then he broke up with me at the same spot he asked me out. It made me realized he was waiting for me to get the abortion so that he can get back with his ex who even had a boyfriend at the time. I then learned that he moved out of state by buying a plane ticket by using the same money.

I got depressed and had suicidal thoughts ever since, and even hearing the word 'abortion' gave me PTSD. It's been almost 4 years and I can still remember ever second of the operation. I can now tolerate hearing the word abortion and discussing about it. I hate that I had to go through it in secret, and no one in my family still knows about it. I don't think I can ever tell them either.

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Re: I got an abortion at 17, and I never told my parents. I'm 21 now.

As a man I don’t think I’m qualified to have a say unless I was the dad.

I always wore a condom; & I pulled out. It takes me about 2 hrs to ejaculate; so was easy. Had I got one pregnant I’d married her or took the child & raised it by myself.

I told my children at young ages if help create child I’ll help them raise; ill raise; if even adopt & raise. If it were rape & they couldn’t bear to see child we’d do adoption.

But I know many males will not step up.

Let’s look at me. Dad looked Spanish. Started hurt me & toss out at two for blond hair & blue eyes. Couldn’t be his. DNA proved I was yrs back. He still said I wasn’t his.

My mom told me daily she hated me; wished I was dead; wish she’d aborted me. They were both wonderful parents to my sisters. Spoiled them rotten; loved on them. My mom left me in the woods. Many yrs of sex & physical abuse as bounce around. I have to tell the truth; I should have been aborted. Childhood horror show. Never even got a hug from either. Or an I love you.

But I wouldn’t wish myself away. I have three amazing kids. I’ve saved lives. I met the kids of a life I saved. So I’ve made the world a little better.

I worked with a lady. People were very anti abortion. I don’t discuss things at work. She’d pass out & goto hospital over it. She asked me. Is it a sin. Well that’s tricky. Body self aborts. I think early on it’s a blob of cells. Once it gains shape that’s probably different. When does the baby have a soul. I don’t know.

But in the Bible it says you must also honor mans law. It’s legal. So I’ll never go harass women getting one. Let’s say it is a sin. Well this is how I helped her. So many things are sins. Over eating; lust; pre marital sex. You name it. I had sex with over two hundred women. The two preachers making her upset at work. One told racist jokes. The other was on marriage 3 (divorce is a sin); was cheating on his wife; looked at porn, & charged the company for time he wasn’t there.

Only Jesus was without sin. I may get this mixed up. But in the Bible Saul was a killer? Was forgiven by Jesus; became the apostle Paul? Sorry; health issue, memory bad.

So it’s about the sinner. Have they prayed to God & asked forgiveness? Are they truly sorry? Are they trying not to repeat that sin? Well then they are cleansed & forgiven. So if you’ve done those things then quit punishing yourself. As for your parents. You only have to tell God, not them. So keep it to yourself.

Your baby is in Heaven. We lost our first child. My wife was so afraid we were almost too old when we finally had kids I know a perfect adult form of my baby is in Heaven. I’ll see them when I die. So we will still be a family.

Your baby is grown & waiting on you. They are smiling & rooting for you. So let that pain go. Let it go.

I love you. God loves you