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i got manipulated

I'm a 12 year old girl, soon to be 13 on the 19th of October. I used to be a social butterfly with everybody, I was sweet and caring. I would post pictures of myself, just mirror pics of my outfit and I would get complimented, the usual.. then older guys started popping into my life, asking me for pictures and if they wouldn't they would do something bad. I never liked saying no to people, it always hurt me saying no, but I was stupid, so I agreed to it. I feel so stupid for sending those pictures, its to the point where I couldn't trust anybody, and I couldn't even look at myself the same. I was always in constant fear that everybody I knew had those pictures of me. This stopped in March when I couldn't handle it anymore, I left social media for good and I lost contact with all the toxic pedophiles in my life. I was never able to open up to my mom but she found out, she said it was okay, I had to go to therapy though, which I only went once and I hope to go again. I just wish I wasn't so naive. I still overthink and cry about it, I wrote it here because one of the guys dmed me on my twitter, hes been trying to get in contact with me ever since I got back on social media. It disgusts me honestly, but luckily I'm in a healthy relationship that is no where near toxic, it makes me forget that all of this happened, so I'm pretty happy now! :) But if anybody has some advice for me, my instagram is: @hen.tai.dealer_

dont.. mind the name.