I got my first confession. Sort of.

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It's been a though time for me.

So me and my friend started talking and I said I wanted to say something and they said okay, so I told them I'm probably aroace (I don't like to labelling myself definitely).

They said, okay I'm proud of you and there's nothing wrong with that. I was soo happy. And I further told them that even though I'm aroace, I might end up in a relationship.. with any gender.

And they said, 'I kinda guessed that' and then said, 'maybe, sorta I kinda had a thing for you before, like a really long time ago.'

Idk I felt happy, this was the first time in my life anyone even sort of confessed to me. I felt wanted lol, I always come off as standish coz I barely have any interest in relationships, I even tend to nit pick my friends, I'm friendly but I call only a few as friends.

Now, kinda get it why people get the ego boost when someone confesses lol. You feel soo attractive. I told them, 'woah, if we ever get drunk together, let's see.' (I'm not sex repulsive but I can't stand being touched in that way consciously)

Idk I sorta feel guilty coz they told me after I told them I was aroace. And because I never noticed it. They told me they prefer the opposite sex more tho. I was like 'cool' and we laughed it off. They're such a great friend, man. A real gem. I hope they won't feel akward because of this.

I wasn't able to tell them this but I wanted to tell that 'If we ever get together, even though I offer less than a normal person would, know that I'll always cherish you.'