I graduated from The Gow School on this date 20 years ago

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What happens to time? Why does time go by so fast? Or does it just seem like that and actually it was slow while it was happening? Two of my loved ones there that day have died now. Why must we die? Why doesn't the world work so that if we have to die it is all at the same time so there is no loss? Two members of my class had died (Omar Lumpkin and Nathaniel Marquez).

In twenty years time what happens to our legacy? What do people such as Christian Harbom, Jon Gutkind, Derek Bonfesotto, Michael Fannon, or Daniel Wright think of me all these years later? Or how about Brian Mountain or Taylor Reed or Zach Straight? Where are you guys? I follow a few of them on social media but never really talk. I have not been back to Gow except years back. Would they remember me very well? Would my handwriting still be on the wall?

Life 20 years later, why has it gone so fast. 20 years ago today I was walking across the aisle and getting the diploma from Mr. William Patterson. Today I am at home writing on a random website. Life is so boring now a days.