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I guess this is goodbye...

Today a friend blocked me. The last messaged they sent is "you really not understand"

And these two messages were my last and didnt get a respond.

"I am confuse"

""Ever since you changed i dont understand"

Its been a month already when our frienship started to get rocky. They just suddenly act cold towards me. I asked and they said they constantly change and they think they are no longer gonna go back from how they were before.

And then after few weeks they suddenly told me to stop how we are as friends. We call each other older sister and lil brother and told me to stop that. And yes I am older than them for almost 10 years.

I guess I brought them so much stress. I told them not to use cuss words when talking to me. There were also times we will fight. Yes. It sounds childish and I didnt act just like how an adult should be. Maybe they felt stress because of that.

It is my fault.

I hope them well.