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We've been together for almost 3yrs. Yes we've been through ups and downs in our relationship and split but manage to be together again. LDR relationship is never that easy, but until now we still together for one thing is for sure on us, we both love each other. We're so fine, not unless this gay came on our lives. I found him on social media, he was commenting on my boy's posts saying "Mahal" and reacting heart on it. At first I feel fine for I know there's a lot of gay who like him. But there such time I tried to stalk that gay, and Ehat i saw is that I saw all his posts with my Boyfriend's heart reacts on all of it. There started wondering, is he like him too? I heard a lot of people told me about my bf about him being bisexual, but i cant feel it when his with me he showed me love and respect. Then this gay message me, and im trying to calm myself and replies the best way i can. Until I ask him whats in between the two of them, then he told me they'd just friends but I don't believe, and then he told me, friend become lovers. I broke down by this moment, I didn't realize that my boy will go this low without telling me. I confronted me, he just told me that was nothing he dont want to hurt me but his doing it right now. Until now we were together, I am afraid if I would let him go he might become totally different and I don't want that to happen. I love him, i really do. But I don't know is my love enough of keeping him this way, how long i could be like this. 💔

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Why do you keep referring it to as 'this gay' and 'that gay'? You are making it seem like being gay is a disease, its fucking insensitive and rude but im guessing by the way you're writing you are very homophobic oops. I understand that you're questioning your boyfriend's sexuality. Perhaps your bf and his friend (see i didnt refer to him as 'the gay') are just joking around, i know a lot of friends who can openly be comfortable with complimenting each other. Theres nothing wrong with it.

Just because he shows you 'love and respect' does not classify he is heterosexual. Although, you've already talked to your bf, maybe try again. Except do it in a respectful and calm manner. Just sit down and talk to him. AND DO NOT ASK WHAT HIS SEXUALITY IS. If he were to be bisexual, it appears to me that he doesn't feel comfortable enough to tell you. YOU need to give him the time to talk. Stop automatically assuming he's 'lying' and that you 'dont believe him' or 'i cant believe he would go this low'.

If he really loves you he will come to you! If he will not he is not for you! i know that hurts but thats true. Love is like when you dont have to effort for your love when you just like feel it, and know it he or she is mine and loyal and trust worthy! So dont be upset there are lots of people in the world. You have to wait for him but not for so long!