I had sex with some guys at a house party

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when I was 17 my friend Amber invited me to a house party in Whittier California she was a couple years older than me once we got there we were just hanging out and a guy approached me and asked if I wanted to go smoke a joint with him in his car after some small talk once we were in his car in the parking lot one thing led to another and the next thing I knew he was on top of me in the passenger seat of the car he pulled up my skirt and we were having sex at this time I'd only had sex with four other guys and I guess I was being sort of loud when all the sudden the passenger door opened and it was one of his friends who said what's going on here while laughing I was embarrassed and the guy I was with kept telling the other guy to shut the door and as the guy was shutting the door he said "we all heard you taking it like a slut, when he's done with you you're going to take it like that from all of us"

The guy that I was with then said to me "when we get done just get out of the car on the driver side with me if you don't they're going to run a train on you"

I could hear the guys outside of the car sharing the guy I was with on to do it faster and do hurry up once we got done he climbed over the center console and open the driver's door at this point and I still don't know why I did it I just stayed laying in the passenger seat with my legs spread the guy I was with asked me "are you coming" I didn't answer him so he just shut the driver's door.

I was very scared but also very turned on at the same time then the one of the guys on the passenger side open the door and said "you have to get out"

Once I got out of the car he turned me around and made me bend over so my head was on the passenger side seat and he got in behind me, the first guy only lasted about 45 seconds before he came.

Then the other guys that were there started taking their turn with me after four or five guys a guy got in behind me and said "get ready I have a big dick".

I guess it was like he was warning me and when he put it in me it was the largest thing I've ever had inside me and it felt like he was tearing me apart. I started yelling and screaming and even crying a little bit and tried to pull myself away from him by grabbing onto the passenger seat but he had me by the hips and he just kept going faster and harder and pulled me back onto him at some point I just realized I couldn't make him stop and I couldn't get away from him so I just started screaming and yelling directly into the passenger seat While he pumped himself into me.

After a couple minutes I just tried to relax and hoped he would be done soon but he wasn't he kept pulling it out and then pushing back into me really hard because it made me scream and yell. I could tell that it was turning him on to do that to me. At one point he tried to put it in my ass but it wouldn't fit there's just no way but he definitely was trying to when he finally came after maybe 10 or 15 minutes, he started pumping into me really hard and said "Turn around turn around as I did he pushed me down on my knees and started jacking himself off with his cock inches from my face that's when i actually saw how big he was (the interior light from the car was on) I just felt numb, and I didn't want him to cum on my face but he had ahold of my hair with his other hand and i really couldn't move the he said "open your mouth, open your mouth" when I didn't, he tightened his grip on my hair and said "OPEN!" so i did and he immediately shot cum in my mouth on my face and hair. I just swallowed as fast as i could to get it over with. He stood me up by the hair and turned me around again and it seemed like someone was back inside me 10 seconds later.

During this time more guys that heard or seen what was going on so we had a small crowd it lasted for maybe an hour or more until the last guy that was with me said "we're all done" during this time my legs were shaking so badly that I felt like I couldn't even stand up anymore. I sat down in the passenger seat of the car and got my skirt, sandals and top on I couldn't find my panties or bra I was hoping the guys that were around the car would leave or just go back in the party but it seemed like they just stayed there saying things to me. I got out of the car and went into the party to try and find my girlfriend while I was walking around inside I saw two girls who are staring at me and I heard them say "look there's that slut" as ironic as this might sound right as i heard them say that alot of cum released from inside me and started running down my leg, I didn't have panties on to catch it so i just stood still with my legs together to tried to keep as much as i could in me. As I was walking down the hallway I saw the first guy that I'd actually went in the car with and he smiled at me he leaned into me and said "I told you what was going to happen if you stayed in the car" I just ignored him and kept walking down the hallway and found a bathroom I went in and tried to pee and it stung and hurts so much I can't even explain I felt down there and I was very swollen and sore after I left the bathroom I found my friend finally and she asked me where have you been and I told her I'd been looking for her and I couldn't find her either I convinced her to go home and we left on the way home sitting there I swore I would never tell anybody about what had happened. A couple of days later I got a text from her and she said "hey did you hear about the girl at the party we were at in Whittier she was gangbang by like 30 guys in the parking lot" I text her back. "Haha it wasn't 30 guys it was only like 15" that day I told her the whole story and she asked me so many details like "how many guys fucked you ? "how many guys came in you" "did you go down in anybody while you were being fucked" just a lot of things like that I answered her the best I could that I really didn't know how many guys had fucked me I think seven or eight guys came in me that I remember most came on me or on the ground and yes I did suck several cocks while the other guys we're fucking me I explain that while one guy was in me he backed me up while holding onto my hips and his friend sat in the passenger seat where and then he pushed me forward onto that guy so I was going down on him while his friend was fucking me from behind then they switched out and that kind of became the way the others did it to me after that a few guys came in my mouth or on my face which I didn't want to happen but I really didn't have a choice most guys came from having regular sex with me though since that happened I haven't told anyone else and I don't go to House parties in Whittier California anymore but I have touched myself many many times thinking about everything that happened that night I was sore for like a week after but it will always be the most exciting sexual thing I've ever done

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