I harassed someone on the internet without knowing due to my grudge and anger and I regretted it

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I was in one of my favorite subreddits and I got into an argument with a user and when it was over I was still angry so I started to harass them

. I've started to comment on all the other comments and post they made just to insult them and the guy also kept fighting back but I didn't admit that I was harassing them and I kept reporting them for harassment and flooding their chat with insults all because of my anger and grudges.

I kept doing it and they block me and instead of stopping I made another account just to harass them more so on and so on and now my account has been suspended and I was still angry about it I didn't let go of it.

I made myself think I was the victim, and I made myself think that I was in the right and I made people think I was the victim including myself but then I found a comment the user made about me in their point of view and I just realized that I was the harasser not them so I decided to apologize to them and they were understandably pissed at me and I still regret it now. but now I learned my lesson and I accepted what I did and ill never do it again.

I've been fixing my mistake by deleting all the stuff I said when I was harassing that user and I will delete the other accounts I created just to harass them and ill try my best to be nice to other people and I'm doing this because I don't want to be an Internet troll and become a terrible person and please don't be mean to me I've been punished enough