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I hate being here

I want to run away from everyone. My boyfriend gives me no room at all. We’ve been dating for barely 2 months and he’s talking about proposing and having kids within the year. This is all after I almost broke up with him for making stupid jokes that hurt my feelings so I kind of feel like he’s trying to force me into the relationship. Which I already kind of feel forced Into because he doesn’t have anywhere to live rn (I didn’t know that when we started dating) and he just kinda forced himself into my house. He’s going way too fast for me and he won’t back off so at this point I feel like my choices are deal with it or dump him. I’ve talked to him about it so many times and it’s like he just ignores me. I care about him but not enough to put my own mental health at risk like this

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leave him !!

girl, leave him nowwww!!! never put yourself at risk because of a man. know your worth, you deserve better trust me

i bet you're still young, don't waste your time with him, you have so many things to live on, think about it! if you feel uncomfortable then leave him! 

talk to him, but seriously even without him ignoring you. if you don't want what he wants tell him because your choice matters