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I hate being pregnant

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Being a mom great, pregnancy not so much. I feel like complete crap my eyeballs hurt so bad from fatigue and sleep only makes it worse. I'm nauseated and everything taste horrible and I'm constantly starving because nothing stays down. Plus the never ending swolen lump and irritation in my throat is driving me insane. I'm finally in my second trimester but the thought of the future months is depressing me on top of my severe anxiety. I know its worth it I have an older and much loved child. I also know pregnancy takes great body sacrifice for the love of that baby at the end of the tunnel. But fuck this tunnel! I just needed to get it out I'm in a mom group and those women always suggest therapy when I see other moms make similar rants. They assume if you hate pregnancy you have issues with your baby. Not the case. I don't need therapy I need to throw up!!!!

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