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Not only is my dad a fucking deadbeat piece of shit but he passed me down his short height. I am the ripe ole height of 5'6'' at 16 years old. How am I ever supposed to feel masculine? I'm fine on the inside but for some reason I had to be short as fuck. I think I'm overall decently attractive but I just don't have the body. And you know what it fucking sucks. And most of the time I despise myself because of it. Will I grow more? Hopefully, but chances are I'm going to be extremely short forever. And that's just fucked up. It's fucked up that this had to happen to me because it really does make me insecure. And it makes me feel so powerless compared to other people and it feels so shitty that this is completely out of my control. It sucks to be below average on anything really is what it comes down to but being a short guy really takes a toll on you.

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Okay so from a woman's point of view, we don't really care as long as you're taller than us. Masculinity is more about your personality. And you're only 16 so you still have time.

When I was 15 I dated a 16 year old guy who wasn't the tallest but was masculine(personality wise and he used to be a gym rat lol) and very attractive to me.

Don't let the dumbass social media memes get to you, really. We don't actually mean it.