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I hate his girlfriend

I hate my best friend's girlfriend. I don't know why she gotta act so jealous all the time and it's so strange but he doesn't even see it. So the other day, he came over and we decided to learn how to cook because we're both horrible at it, and we made pasta. A week later, he goes to her house and she arranges for them to cook pasta?? Like bruh, just chill tf down. This sounds childish, I know, but it's really irritating. And then, so many times when the three of us happen to be together somehow, she'll so pointedly speak of their inside jokes and then later he'll ask me why I don't like spending time with them. I don't even know why she's that jealous honestly. He's my best friend and he has so many other girl friends too. And she has guy friends; he's not obligated to not be friends with other girls just because you're insecure!! But he just doesn't see it because she does all this to me and I dont wanna be a bad best friend and bitch about his girlfriend but ughhhhhh I hate it. One time he got excited to meet me or something and she rolled her eyes at me and went away.