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I hate it

I recently was browsing some FanFiction (Basically some stories based off fandoms/characters/internet celebrities/celebrities) and I stumbled across one that had some very... disturbing tags (classifications for your story that you’re writing or reading/categories), and being stupid and somewhat naive I decided to read it.

I somehow was curious, thinking it may be a cruel joke, or a character who had a sick past. I read all of it.

I can’t even write out the tags, let alone say them out loud. It makes me feel sick for even reading a story like that. I feel like a monster, even though I’m disturbed and upset about it.

I didn’t know that someone could have even thought about writing it, let alone posting it on the internet for the world to see.

I know it’s a quote unquote “vent” FanFiction (a fiction where someone uses their traumatic experiences and writes it out to “vent” about it), but it makes me feel horrible knowing that this person took real life people and made them into real life monsters. It makes me sad knowing that this author just ruined someone’s comfort content creator. It makes me embarrassed and humiliated just knowing that one of them could see it.

This FanFiction makes me feel like I can’t call a child “cute” anymore. It lives in my head, what the author wrote about, what happened to that child in the story.

So, I hate myself for being stupid enough to read it. I hate this story for existing. I hate the person who wrote it, even if this was their strange way of coping with their own traumas.

I hate the lines that live in my head:

”Is this where he touched you?”

”That was a sound he never wanted to hear out of his little brother again.”

”Let’s play a game.”

I feel like a pedo, a pervert, and a monster.

I wish I never read those lines, even if they are fake, and that they’re just words on a internet screen. They’re not real.

I’m just a minor who wanted to read some stories about cute Youtubers that I’m a fan of, not non-consensual acts and grooming.

But now that’s story has ruined my view on everything

I hate it

I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it

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Re: I hate it

Some sick people out could do and will do whatever they want to kids or some random person ..

I was a a victim of this twice two different men two different times took the only innocents in my life .

I was into monster high and youtube pranks and memes back then ..I was 14 when it first happened and the second time It was my 16th birthday ..

I can't trust men or adults anymore the only adult I'm comfortable with being around is my mother she's tried really hard to help me through the horrible things that happened to me ..

Sorry you came across a page like that and I hope one day you can forget about what you read be safe out there man the world is scary and wants to hurt you .

I relate to you. I once read a fan fiction which treated rape, sexual abuse, degradation and homophobia as some normal things which a person can experience and if that person who causes you all this comes and apologize by a simple sorry you should forgive them. And when that character didn't forgive them the people reading that fic were very angry and posted very angry comments on that. Saying that they said sorry what else do you want. Acting like a sorry can fix everything. I stopped reading fan fiction in general after that. I'm disgusted by the fact that if people can trash a fictional character for standing up for themselves I can't imagine how will they behave with real life survivors. People who write these fan fics got something seriously wrong with their head