I hate it here

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you know when everybody always say that home is a safe place? that's bullshit. I want to leave. they probably want me to, but i still can't. Quarantine really sucks. I've been stuck with my family for almost 7 months. And because of covid, I need to stay and go to college here at the nearby university. there goes my only chance to stay away from this house. Y'all probably are wondering why i hate it here so much. Well, I live with my mom, my two sisters and 3 of my cousins. Its pretty normal in a filipino household to live with your extended family, but its a whole new conversation if your cousins are all grown-up, almost in their 30s, and not really responsible. Ijk that i don't want to end up like them. Anyway, as i was saying, i am still figuring myself out. But in a house where I can't have I own space and privacy, I can't do it. I grew up without having my own room. I've been sharing with my sisters, sometimes with my cousins, and I'm getting really sick of it. I just can't wait to move out someday and just be by myself and do everything I never got the chance to do in this house, and keep it really neat and pretty, not like the current state of this house.