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I hate me

I hate everything. I feel like am alone. I constantly start to hate myself whenever I think about my past .

Like I feel like I fucked up my entire life .

looking back to when I was young always trying tofit in but rnd up doing shit I end up regretting later and I hate that I try to love me but I care about what othets think

I always try to getbsympathy and wish I had like one of my friends lives .

I feel like I cant trust anyone and also I do to much to be liked to the point of being wierd and I hate everyone but still feel like It would hurt losing them

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Re: I hate me

E tu? Well, I feel the same... Sometimes I wish to go back and fix myself but highly unlikely... The only thing I can do is do my best not to screw-up again... I try to think that its useless not to hear and notice what others think. Why? I doubt what they think would change much in me. I am who I am after all... I might have changed too much out of envy (which I highly regret nowadays), but I'd rather be me in my own skin than try be someone else and get stressed because I'll never be that... In short, just give up wearing that suit and build your own. You'll never know that you might be the next Dior or Warhol (These are the people I know who got mocked and criticized for being themselves but later changed their fields from what it was)...

Sucks, doesn't it? At least you still try to love yourself. Me,I gave up. The worst thing Is that I want one thing. To fit in. I just want someone,anyone, who won't make me feel like I'm a weirdo or some shit. Just wanna live a life like everyone else....

I hope it gets better though..after a certain age. I never cry but every night I just want to break down and let it loose. But I fear,what if they hear me? And plus,I don't allow much self pity. I think that one should cry though. It helps a lot. Cry and let it all out before you become an almost unfeeling person.

Well at least you have the tendency to get close to someone . Some of us e.g, me , I am actually not even sure if i am broken or damaged . I don't even know how i feel . Probably it's what everyone faces at a certain age . Well i don't know any better but i know we are all in this together , it will pass i hope .