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i hate men

I hate men. Especially white men now. After hearing that my last ex is talkin shit about me. Ik this is wrong but i need to vent.

They are supposed to be the world’s protectors and providers. But no. I had to be given a shitty hand. At love and having a shitty stepfather. My real father passed away & there are no real men like him anymore. He was rich and came from a Belgian family with money. He took care of my mom and stood by her Until his death. My stepfather and my moms 2nd ex husband both are dickheads. her ex husband has used my mother for Canadian citizenship and my stepdad berates and beats her. My mom is white/black and the 3 men were all black. 

I hate men, especially white men. because they cannot take care of me and always leave me to deal with the burden and always charge me or whatever for not dealing with shit amicably. to all of them: BITCH after you left me, for another woman, abused me, cheated, whatever you think! For no reasons at times! 

To go back to my abusive mother who calls me a whore for white men and after all the things i tell you about her! And on top of that leaving an exotic bitch like me for some hoe who is just easy to manipulate . And now im back at square one, back at her house, in fact the other day, i got berated by my mom and got called “White mans whore”. CANT even find a good place to go because my city is expensive for rent rn and cant find 2nd work to even save to run to Quebec or Alberta! Its like im the house bitch too because my sister had the nerve to even ask me “did you do the dishes” after i greeted her this morning. 

I hate men nowadays because they are BITCH made and full of BS too they have become gossipy and whiny! 

I have felt this way since July but i havent let it out. 

It sucks also that i havent found the rich man of my dreams! 😡😡😡😡😡