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i hate men❤️

i’m 13, i have a friend who’s 2 years older we would hangout with tons of friends and then i met his dad he’d take me and my friends out on drives and get us drugs and alcohol and he would joke and he was very sexual and a angry person he’d yell or hit us or even punch if we did something wrong. he became bestfriends with my mom and talked to my whole family and would come over, he started to touch us and force us into stuff late at night when he would drive us hours away and give us different drugs and alcohol so we had no idea what was going on, this went on for a long time and me and my friends thought it was okay, he baught us a vibrater and tried to have sex and would kiss my friends, i realized everything was wrong i feel disgusting and horrible about myself i have night mares and he’s still bestfriends with my mom and comes over all the time and will text me privately to come downstairs and talk to him and would try and force me still. i cant tell anyone and i won’t be able too he’s still doing it to girls and the number just gets bigger and bigger, i can’t do anything about it i hate myself

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Re: i hate men❤️

I feel so sorry for the situation you are in right now. I guess I am none to tell you this but why are you being so weak? You should stand up for your family and for all the girls around the world. This man is not capable of doing anything if you all are strong.

Women can do anything, yes, but it depends on their will power and courage. Be bold dear, you have a long life ahead of you.

Report about this man to the police secretly.

That's all I can say dear.

And you hate men? Look Every man is different. Some are perverts like this dad of your friend. Some our nice too who stand up for women and support them

So please hate a gender according to one person in your life.

It is true that all men are not good, but it is also true that all men are not bad.