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I hate my art

TW: Creepypasta mention

I cannot draw at all. whenever I try to draw I just see how bad it is and I give up. It's pointless. And if I'm using a reference I just end up tracing it and trying to change it drastically. Or I spend hours looking for a free base to use with good rules. I just want to instantly get good at drawing. But of course that can't happen, and art takes time but I see all of the people I look up to, and I love them. Their art is so good. Each piece they draw is flawless. They'll say "I hate how this turned out." and other stuff like that but it's always so good. I know I shouldn't compare my art to others but I never want to draw fanart for someone cuz you know that one piece when someone shows a list of fanart they got that is obviously less "good". I don't want to be the one to draw that. I'm fine with not being the one to draw all of the details but I don't care about my art style. I want to draw hands right, proportions right, faces right, I want something that looks like I picture it to. I know that if past me saw my art he'd be amazed. I used to draw bubbles for each part of a cat or something like that. I also used to draw stuck figures with their arms t-posing. Seriously, if you were to go through my art there would be this giant pile of creepypasta fanart of terribly drawn stick figures. It's really funny actually. Anyways, I'm gonna sign my articles so that people know it's the same person. nobody could guess who I am anyways. -Sage