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I hate my dad

This happened this year, around February. I was sat upstairs in my bedroom and my mum was downstairs in the kitchen cooking the dinner. I don’t know how the fight started but I know how it ended. I could hear quite a lot of a shouting coming from downstairs but I didn’t take much notice cause my dad shouts at my mum a lot. After awhile the shouting just got louder and then I heard smashing plates and even more shouting. I came downstairs to see what was going on cause I was a bit scared. As I walked down the hall and into the kitchen I saw that the dinner had been thrown everywhere. There was food splattered all over the counters, on the cupboards, the floor, the table, it was a mess. There were even broken plates and bowls on the floor. My mum brought us out into the hall way and just told us to get on our shoes as we didn’t have any dinner so we had to eat out. When we had finally come back the food was still all over the floor and hadn’t been cleaned up. So me and my mum had to do it.

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Re: I hate my dad

Actually, i pray and hope that your parents will get back together and become better parents.

Divorce is not a solve for the problems. But, we need to search the root of problem, which means you have to listen and get the perspectives of them.

pls take note, you need to be an objective person.

Divorce has negative impact to children pyschology and many negative effects else.

I’ve experienced it. That’s why i really pray that your family can get back together. No matter big the struggles you faced.

Pls have a unity pray with your bro/sis, along with your mom and dad. Praying and believing that God can turn the evil plan to good things in life. Amen

Dang, I would be scared out of my mind. My parents fight but they've never thrown anything. If they get a divorce, please don't be suprised. It would be better for them if they throw things at eachother now. Sorry for the spaces it wouldn't let me post this reply without it being a "minimum of 300 words." (e_e)