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I hate my life

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I hate the fact I cannot cope, I have two kids and I’m in bed right now crying bcos I can’t get out of bed to get my kids to school or even to make them food. I hate nothing is going right for me at all! I battle daily with the mental fog, I have no one to talk to and tbh I don’t want to talk to Anyone I feel like I have gone inside myself and I feel nothing anymore, nothing makes me happy I’m just constantly sad and I’m shouting at my kids and I don’t do any thing with them just to take them to the park is really hard for me…I can’t shake this feeling it’s always hanging over me like a cloud and my kids are seeing a weak woman rather than a strong one.

I’m 35 on Friday and I don’t even want to celebrate it, it’s just another day nobody will bother and I’m completely done with everyone and everything, I cry everyday and wonder why I’m even here..

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