I hate my parents

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My little brother was born with a rare genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type 1. When he was 18 he started abusing hard drugs with his so called ‘friends’, co***ne and c*****is. He also drank heavily. When I found out I told my parents thinking they would confront him and help him get him off it, instead they denied it all the time and I was even told “he’s just having fun”. I kicked off to my parents and confronted his friends because I knew it would end up badly and I was labelled a bully older sister and hostile. Now my little brother is 21 yrs old in bed on dialysis for 12 hrs a day because both his kidneys failed. I blame them every single day for failing him in his addiction and mental breakdown. I have never even received a sorry or a thank you for saving his life one night when one of his kidneys bled. One day I am going to explode and tell them how I really feel.

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