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i hate my sister

im going to fucking choke my sister shes so fucking useless and so fucking annoying i hope she fucking kills herself i dont even feel bad about it anymore like if i knew she was depressed i would emotionally manipulate her into killing herself 

I know this sounds so fucking evil but she genuinely makes my life a living fucking hell everyday and i cant stand to fucking be around her. im tired of her treating me like shit for no fucking reason. i want to FUCKING strangle her to death. i want to see her fucking die. im so fucking sick and tired of her. i want to inflict so much fucking pain onto her. i fucking hate her. why cant she leave me the fuck alone. even when i try to be nice, she either reciprocates it for 5 minutes MAX, or continues to be a useless piece of shit. im fucking sick of it .


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Re: i hate my sister

I know what you feel, I've been there.

But believe me, one day there will be a turning point. You will love each other, even you are grateful to have a sister like her, and vice versa.

I pray for you, that you’ll overcome all of hell-days. I believe you are a great person who have well attitude towards others.

I had an older sister like that. I grew up & shut her out of my life. My other sister & I ate good friends. Your sister may change when she grows up. I’m friends with family that used to be shits to me. But the ones who still mistreat me I keep out of my life.

At a point you’ll be grown. You’ll chose your life. You’ll be able to tell her don’t come to my house. I did that with some in my family.

Just hang in there. Growing up is hard on everybody.

God Bless