I hate my TV

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Another day

I woke up on a remote click

Watching this series

To be honest it sucks

Repeating that one episode over and over

An expected content

A miserable main character

Her role is nothing more than an extra.

It's the only series this TV play

And ofcourse I can't just go the the studio claiming a better content

Only thing I got is to pray .

the only way to cut off this endless episode is to turn off the TV

But this isn't any TV

There's no turning back

And once you click the key

It's dark

I'm afraid of darkness

You wouldn't know if there's ANOTHER series waiting for you in ANOTHER TV

May he it's horror

I hate horror genre

But it's also possible that the another TV would play the series I've always imagined

With a healthy main character

who doesn't think she's the villain

A good side character

And It would he so generous if the main character experienced love

A happy ending may be

That's all I want from the writer .