I hate myself

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To be honest, I really hate myself ever since I was a kid. I always fake everything from the way I look, my emotion, and who I am. I really messed up, I ruined everything. I'm stupid, I can't do anything right, I don't even know myself, I tried changing myself but bitch how? Everyone that i love only see as bitch. someone told me, everybody hates me that I am stupid. my mom told me she can't understand( mom so do I) can't understand myself, well that's actually the side effect of my depression so yeah. Me and my dad used to be best buddy, I used to be a daddy's girl but then I grew up and realize shits. I became the crazy bitch with depression and having a 5 mental breakdowns in a day, I realize my dad is a fucking asshole. I think he's motto in life is " change woman every single month". My boyfriend said that I always act like a victim that this mother fucking depression is ma' fault. Gosh If I knew that it's actually my fault why I have this, I won't having this shit now. My mom hates me my dad hates me my boyfriend hates me everybody hates me, bitches jokes on you I FUCKING HATE MYSELF TOO

The only thing that is clear to me is that i want to die. Like does anyone wants to kill me? it's free you won't go to jail.

They say "love yourself"

bitch how? tell me

fucking tell me

fucking help to love myself even if it's just a little bit

I can't see any reason to love myself

This website helped me a lot. I may not know people here personally, yeah i can't talk to the people here everyday. But people here tried to understand me unlike the people that I actually know personally, people i care and love.

I'm crying and I want a hug.

i hate myself

i don't know what to do

it seems to me that the only option i have is to fucking die