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I hate myself

I am ugly fat careless i over think every single thing that happens to me and i keep blaming myself because im the worst person in the world i dont deserve to live anymore but i couldn't do it i didn't have the strength to leave im selfish both ways i cant be good alive i just cause people pain yesterday i pushed my mom so hard when she tried to kiss me her shoulder still hurt her now i didnt mean to hurt her but thats just what i do i spread pain around for no reason and i dont know how to stop it if i go itll be so hard for my parents because im an only child or thats just what i say to give myself more and more chance i dont deseve im always sad for no reason and here i am selfishly writing about it as if i dont know already that im the problem but i guess sharing may at least help me say to people how messed up i am everyone around say that im good but they are not seeing the truth i just hate myself for just masking my sadness around people but i cant just go out and spread it around im so violent although i am a girl and clumsy and stupid i dont belong anywhere in this world and i cant control my actions i am giving up